MNR Vortx 2013 powered by 1000cc Yamaha R1 5Pw ++++SOLD++++
MNR Vortx 2013 powered by 1000cc Yamaha R1 5Pw ++++SOLD++++
MNR Vortx 2013 powered by 1000cc Yamaha R1 5Pw ++++SOLD++++

MNR Vortx 2013 powered by 1000cc Yamaha R1 5Pw ++++SOLD++++

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MNR Vortx RT Inboard – ++++SOLD++++

The car has been built to a high standard using all the best components.

The car passed its IVA test on its 1st attempt  in May 2013 & was road registered immediately after.

Car will come with a Full 12 months MOT.

Engine Bay:

1000cc Yamaha R1 5PW.
Hydro dipped cam cover.
New pipper air filter.
Power Commander 3 USB inc Software & Cable (Mapped by Daytuner),Mapped last year by RLM.
Shift Kill software enabled & adjustable.
MNR Oil control Baffle plate.
New Pippercross Air Filter.
Custom hi specification exhaust system by Alunox.
Bosch 044 high pressure Fuel Pump.
Upgraded Ali Radiator & silicone hoses.
High Speed Cooling Fan.
Powder coated bulkhead & access panels.
Bespoke Alloy header tank by alloy racing.
Overlaid in top quality Carbon Fibre and scuttle panel.
Bespoke carbon fibre inner nose cone air.
spoilers to force air through the cooling system.

Electronics / Interior:

Under Bonnet Access Panel to all hidden electrics for neatness.
Connection plugs fitted on all components for ease of removal.
AGM Battery.
R1 Clocks inc Diagnostic Mode & built in Shift Light.
Gear Indicator.
Speedo Healer control unit.
Toad thatcham Category 1 Alarm / Immobiliser.
Interior footwell lighting illuminates on disarm inc manual override switch.
Dash illumination is Dimmerble, (needs a new rouhstat switch)
Custom Indicator system to inc a timed self cancel & direct application left & right switch over.
Savage switches.
12v accessory socket.
5.75" headlights inc led & led side lights.
LED Rear Lights.
Race Tech Coolant Temp Gauge.
Race Tech Fuel Gauge.
Race tech oil pressure gauge (not connected).

Gear Shifter System:

Electronic Paddle shift using klicktronic actuator & control unit.
Paddles mounted behind steering wheel inc illumination.
Removable stick shifter using direct heavy duty cable.


Yamaha R1 6 speed sequential Gearbox.
MNR Reverse Gearbox.
MNR Sierra 7in 3.38 Differential.
Genuine Yamaha Clutch Plates.
Upgraded Double Diaphragm Clutch Springs.
Heavy Duty Clutch Cable.
D&F Propshafts.
MNR Billet Hub Bearing Carriers.
Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 13”alloys wheels with correct ET23 offset.
Toyo 888r 195/ R13 Front tyres.
Toyo 888r 205/ R13 Rear tyres.

MNR Corner Weight Setup carried out.
Inboard Protech adjustable Shock Absorbers.
Pushrod Front Suspension system
Alloy Racetech Front Uprights.
MNR quick rack with alloy mounts.
Suede Steering wheel.
Works bell Quick release hub.


MNR Floor Mounted Pedal box.
DOT 5.1 silicone based Brake Fluid.
Wilwood Master cylinders.
Remote Adjustable Brake Bias control on dashboard.
Braided Brake lines.
Alloy Race Front Brake Calipers.
Drilled & Grooved Front Discs.
Hawk Racing Front Brake Pads.

Exterior Bodywork:

MNR Orange Fiberglass bodywork.
Wrap around black fiberglass front Arches inc custom stabiliser mounts.
Wide fiberglass Rear Arches with carbon fibre stone guards.
Rear fiberglass removable Diffuser inc powder coated mesh.
Carbon fibre Canards fitted to nose cone.
Carbon fibre bonnet scoop.
Custom R1 head light covers


Safety / Interior:

MNR Full Roll Cage in lightweight T45 inc Sidebars.
MNR fibreglass lightweight seats black
Adjustable runners on both seats.
TRS  6 Point and 4 point (passenger) kit car specific Harnesses.
Longacre Wide View Centre Mirror.
Racetech Side Mirrors mounted on MNR cage mounts.
Carbon fibre rear seat panels and boot tub cover.

Car is extremely reliable however will come with Spares Package including various sensors, coils, throttle bodies, spare nose cone complete with carbon canards.

I will also include the removable Catalytic converter that is required once a year for MOT test.

Car has 3785 miles on the clock & is a great experience to drive.