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Vortx Mazda Starter Kit Deposit

This deposit confirms your order for Mazda single donor starter kit

Vortx Mazda Starter Kit

Contents :-

  • Non Powder coated round tube independent chassis Including MSA approved ROPS.

  • Non Powder coated Engine mountings to suit your application.

  • Non Powder coated Gearbox mountings.

  • Non fitted aluminium floor pan.

  • Non Powder coated foot well panels.

  • Non Powder coated Pair of front lower wishbones In oval tube.

  • Non Powder coated Pair of front top wishbones In oval tube with quick adjust camber fittings, to accept spherical rod ends.

  • Non Powder coated Pair of rear lower adjustable wishbones In oval tube allows full control over rear toe and camber.

  • Non Powder coated Pair of rear upper wishbones in oval tube.

  • Full plated wishbone fixing kit.

  • Poly bushes and stainless steel crush tubes.

  • Front billet alloy rockers and non powder coated pushrods.

  • Rocker needle roller bearings and thrust bearing kits.

  • MNR nine piece gloss gelcoat bodywork set available in 8 standard colours.

  • Nose cone ( Traditional or Race ).

  • Bonnet.

  • Scuttle panel with double bubble and integrated dashboard face.

  • One piece main body tub.

  • Pair of front cycle wing arches.

  • Pair of rear arches.